Confessions of a hennaholic

I've been using henna to dye my hair since I was 18 and I'm often asked about it so I thought that explaining the whole thing here could be useful.

10 awkward facts

So I was thinking of ideas for the blog and it came to me that a "10 facts about me" could be fun to write. Of course, because I never take things (and myself) too seriously, I thought I could write 10 awkward facts about me. So here we go:

Orange and Mint

I might as well warn you now: you're not finished seeing these shoes and this bag. I feel like I've found my perfect Summer accessory duo that fits any outfit and I really enjoy having a small bag to carry everywhere with me. Not that I don't like my leather satchels anymore, but they are heavy and it's too hot in France to have the feeling I'm carrying a bag full of stones.

My beach essentials

If you live in the South of France, going to the beach is as common as going shopping. Everyone goes there and everyone loves it. I am no exception and I am well-trained in preparing my beach bag.
So I just thought I could share my beach essentials with you.

Lancôme Exfoliance Clarté, I love you!

So I'm back home to the South of France and as always, I need to prepare my skin for the summer. The sun here is scorching and I tan very quickly (although I try to avoid to since I don't want to look like a prune when I'm 50).

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